Surround Yourself….

me painting …………… surround yourself with things that you love, things that make you happy, things that you enjoy looking at anstudio bookshelvesd things that could potentially inspire you. My studio is a place like that. It is filled to the brim with lots of wonderful things including samples of many of my products that I have designed over the years. Sometimes I look at them and wonder what I could have done differently? What could I do now to make them more fun, make them have more function, make them better…. be more in the “now”? I also have a few little things here and there that I especially love like little gifts my girls have given me, special mementos from the Captain, photos, toys, things I collect from our many trips and things that are just fun to look at. Just a few life is beach salt pepssunglass spreadersyears ago I had a couple of clients who came to visit my studio to discuss a potential licensing deal. As they stepped in the studio they both just let out this very loud GASP almost in unison! They were dumbfounded as to all that was around them!! I pulled out a couple of chairs and they sat down with pen and paper in hand and started writing what they liked as they looked around the room. They both agreed that seeing all these samples of products that I had designed was very inspiring to them. It gave them ideas for more products! The Art Director looked at a product she particularly liked and suggested we do this and that to it…. we’ll make it a bit larger and give it a function! It was great to see their reaction! As a result of that meeting I ended up designing a small collection for Pier One that did very well!  I think it is the same for me when I am creating something. I look around at products from past licensing deals and I still find inspiration. Each of us has our comfort zones and I think that surrounding yourself with all of that you love can only help you to feel warm and creative and inspired! When I am designing in my “nest” the rest of the world just spins by as I happily create inside. Immerse yourself in whatever you love…be it antiques, vintage fabrics, collectibles, game boards, old photographs and see how that creates a wonderful environment for you to be inspired.
samples on shelves shelf with products

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