Inspiration on a Rainy Day.

graduation angels¬†Every now and then I love a good rainy day and today was one of them. I had spent the day before at the beach soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the blue, blue sky, while having lunch with my friend Diane. So I was fine with staying in today and getting some work done. I find rainy days inspiring. I think it’s peaceful when it rains. It cools things off and makes everything feel fresh and clean. It’s Mother Nature doing her thing and the garden certainly needed it! I had Mozart playing in the background. The house was all clean, the laundry was done. I was free to create without hesitation or worry about other things I might have to do. I also had a project that I was working on that needed my attention and I was inspired to complete the job. As the rain picked up a bit I noticed that it was starting to get very windy. The leaves on the trees outside my studio window were bristling back and forth as I looked outside to make sure that everything was OK. We really needed the rain today so it was a good thing. It’s almost an excuse to stay in and get things done. There is no temptation to head over to the beach to steal a few hours in the sunshine or take a dip in the ocean. Or to sneak out to play in my garden since I had just bought some perennials on sale the other day that needed planting. So I pulled out all my sketches for the project I was working on. I needed to create more of my “Always An Angel” characters for various themes the client and I had discussed. I was ready to proceed. I pulled out my drawings and sketched out a number of new characters. Then I spent the afternoon painting and working on the messages that each little Angel will convey. Listening to the noise of the rain coming down has always been a favorite thing of mine to do. I like the various sounds the rain makes on the window especially when I am going to sleep. So between the pitter pat of the rain drops, the bristling of the leaves and the wind chimes in my garden and Mozart’s wonderful music I had a very inspiring day! Do you ever feel inspired on a rainy day?