Welcome To My New Blog!

my quoteI imagine you are wondering about the name of my blog- “I am so inspired I can’t even move!

Just a few years ago I stopped in one afternoon to visit my favorite local art supply and frame shop, “The Yankee Doodler”. The two girls who run the “Doodler” Tracey and Sam are always finding interesting art supplies and products for the shop. I love to pop in from time to time to see what they are up to.

On this particular day when I walked into the shop they were in the process of framing a collection of fabulous Japanese prints. They had a number of these wonderful images spread out all over the counter.

I literally stopped dead in my tracks as the words “I am so inspired I can’t even move!” tumbled out of my mouth. It took my breath away! The artwork was so colorful and so full of inspiring images that I didn’t know what to look at next. It was as if my entire being was soaking it all in and I didn’t dare move in case I might miss something.

And the funny thing was that they were so inspired by my reaction that they actually made some prints using my “tumbled out words” and later had the prints hanging up in the store. They even gave me a print for my studio.

People often ask me where I find the inspiration for my artwork. “Where do you come up with these ideas?” “How did you think of creating that design or product?” I have been thinking for a while about creating a blog to demonstrate how I find inspiration in my everyday life.

Inspiration is all around you…. you just have to look for it… it is called observation. You don’t have to be an artist to be inspired. It seems that artists tend to be more aware and pay attention to the little things a bit more than non- artists. It’s the creative way to study and peruse and notice the tiniest details around us to find our muse and what interests us. The truth is, however, that all of us need inspiration to keep us going forward…it’s what drives us to be better at what we love to do. It motivates us and drives us to our goal.

So, as I was thinking about writing the blog I recalled that time at the art supply shop and my reaction to what I saw that day. Then it hit me. What a perfect title…my reaction when I saw the Japanese prints. I could write about finding inspiration in everyday life and share how to observe and notice the world around us. I could show my art and licensed products as actual examples of my inspirations. I could teach different creative techniques along with some fun activities while giving tips on keeping a sketch book or a travel journal or noting plants in my garden and how they grow and what living on the ocean means to me and having a wonderful expanding family that inspires me each and every day.

I got so excited about the new blog…the perfect title…the experiences I have had…what inspires me that it just all came together…so welcome again…

I hope you will soon have these same words tumble out… “I am so inspired I can’t even move!”